Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's been a while

= the perfect simple ensemble

The last half of this month has been exhausting, dramatic and not very fun at all. It hit me like a bag of books that I HATE academic writing. It's so goddamn boring, and good for one thing: facts. I do not enjoy research papers (the only kind of research I could do is ethnographic, I'm allows creativity). I have the job interview of my college dreams tomorrow and a potential amazing internship with one of my favorite non-profits. The point is...I dislike most Januarys, but the natural signs of spring are here, good things are happening, I'm really really smitten and my dad is making fish and chips. PS: Don't forget to donate time and money to Haiti!

[1] Alexa bag via by unknown [2] unknown via unknown [3] theselby, ring by unknown

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