Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm very lucky, fortunate, what have you. My heart goes out to Haiti. I feel like keeping my love-ones clooooooose.

My life, as a stream of consciousness:

Yerba Mate, Coming of Age in Samoa, crows paper bag experiment, Anthropology professor reminds me of Cynthi in some ways...miss her, USK, x|k, adorable phonecalls, running for the bus, running through puddles (tons of rain), hand hurts from writing so much, lost notebook, found notebook, Black And White cat, gadfrey, eagles, Prelude, Rubicon, middle names, Vinney, Wyclef, Swedish bloggers, waiting for my FP package, sleep sleep sleep, run run run, study study glad it's the will be good.

(1) Kate Young Keith (2) Shannon Click and Dan M., Both, The Selby

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