Saturday, May 14, 2011

Collage by me, items by respective creators, via Polyvore

Today is my first day of my bare-faced challenge!!!

I was conspiring with my boyfriend about the possibility of not putting ANYTHING on my face for one month...and documenting it. And I was so excited the next day that I did it!

My rules:
No face soap
No toner
No commercial moisturizer
No make-up (face make-up)

...all for one month!

I can use all the eye and lip make-up I want, because it's not going directly on the areas where I off and on break out. For the most part, this means just my favorite lip balm and mascara, or eyeliner and a bit of shadow and lip color. I allowed myself this to help enhance my favorite features if I feel insecure about no make-up for whatever reason.

If and when my skin gets dry and for make-up remover, I can use jojoba oil and/or olive oil.

I'm allowed a few instances where I can wear make-up, but not all day. (if my skin is breaking out really bad and I have a job interview, for example)