Monday, January 11, 2010


For me, happiness is the freedom to do what you enjoy, the freedom from that which brings you down and lowers you in any (negative rather than humbling) way, and the act of being surprised.

During a difficult part of my life a couple years ago, I struggled to understand the minute details of life and relationships and was left hanging and tangled in them. Trust me, this was a point of unhappiness for me.

One day, it stopped being painful. I stopped caring so much over these details. When I look back, it wasn't actually a sudden process, but a gradual one involving me getting involved. I got a fabulous job, volunteered, helped organize every possible school event, explored the country by myself and started helping animals. Boredom is the hobgoblin of the mind...never let yourself be bored and may you be on the road to happiness.


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