Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fashion rant:

I'm glad Coachella is over so people can stop reporting on "Coachella fashion"...girls wearing the same thing Kate Moss wore 5 years ago and girls wearing Native American headdresses. SHOOT ME.

I started f0llowing a bunch of fashion blogs on Bloglovin', but the style of playing dress-up and taking 80 photos of yourself making the same pouty, lifeless face is sooooooo old already. Bloggers with UNIQUE personal style include Karla of Karla's Closet and Caroline from The Fashion Squad to name a couple. Also, those girls SMILE when they get their picture taken...not give a dead corpse blank face. SO LAME. A pout here and a blank stare there is totally fine in an editorial but not when it's continuous... I still love Facehunter, the Sartorialist and Garace Dore though!

I really need a fashion refresher...luckily I'm working for a denim company now and I'm getting really inspired! It will be great to have a regular shopping budget again! Also, I've been less critical of myself lately, and much more brave. Yes!!

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