Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lookbook: a rant

Why are fashion blogs featuring photos of the blogger posing in variations of the same outfit popular?

The usually waifish blogger stares with lifeless eyes at her self-timed digital camera, hoping to capture a throng of style-crazed girls who might think she's pretty and trendy. This is lifeless. I have no desire to see trendy garb under a leather jacket in seven photos with no change in pose besides the model's angle of her vacant tilt often seen in Urban Outfitters catalogues. She looks so hopelessly into the camera it's difficult to guess what she is thinking. She certainly doesn't tell you. Her blog's only text includes a lone gesture to an image citation once and a while and a vague paragraph outlining her scores during a recent shopping spree.

Perhaps this phenomenon is a type of fashion expression, just as the phenomenon of someone with "no style" is and also those who love what they love and wear what they want according to that. I applaud the last phenomenon, because it describes girls who have truly become women.

Disclaimer: This was written about a fictional blogger.

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